The WLG Experience


Initial Consult

  • Let’s understand your story first.
  • We will explore with you your goals, concerns, hopes and dreams for yourselves, your loved ones and your community.
  • We’ll learn about your heritage, your family values and what must happen to preserve the life you have built.

Plan Design & Implementation

  • We design our plans using the most contemporary legal strategies available and an interactive counseling method.
  • We bring distinction to this process with innovative solutions, deep knowledge of advanced strategies when needed, design skills all presented in an engaging and understandable dialog.
  • The preservation of the family, its assets, its heritage, its need for independence drives every plan we design.

RWay® – Ongoing Client Care

  • Periodic updates of your trust to allow for changes in your lives, the law, and improvements in our own approach to planning.
  • Workshops that present both legal and family focused topics that we hope supplement and further support you and your family.
  • Our firm has received national recognition for RWay® and we continue to be instrumental in helping other law firms across the country achieve a similar vision.

The WLG Difference

Client TrustCare Program was developed in 1999 as a direct response to our clients’ desire that the initial time and financial commitment invested in designing their estate plans be protected. No one wanted a plan that could be technically compromised by a future they could not yet see. We had to find a way to keep you informed, with a built in opportunity to adjust your planning so that your trusts retained their integrity from year to year.

RWay® answers that need, and more, at an affordable cost.


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