Terrific Lawyer

“John has been just a delight to work with. He is knowledgeable, helpful, open, and a trusted advisor. My experience in the past had tainted my view about the value of an attorney. John has totally changed that perception. Meeting John and working with him on our estate planning has been such a relief and I look forward too many years of a great relationship with John and Wilson Law.”

-Stephen, Client

Easy to Follow

“My husband and I have had a wonderful experience with Wilson Law Group. Our Attorney John Haslam is professional while displaying a nice sense of humor and empathy for life situations. He did a fantastic job of explaining different options in a way that was clear and not over my head. One of my favorite things was the visual flow chart he made to help explain our final plan to us. He is very patient in explaining and has no problem going over it several times. I would highly recommend John to help you in your estate planning.”


Knowledgeable and Personable

“My wife and I contracted with Wilson Law Group to set up a trust for us. We worked with John Haslam, we found him to be extremely knowledgeable, personable, and easy to work with. He was very good at explaining aspects of setting up a trust that we would not think of. We would highly recommend Wilson Law Group.”

-Edwin, Client

Patient and Professional

“We appreciated John's expertise while working on our farm estate plan. He is patient and professional. It is very clear that he keeps up with the changes in estate planning related to agriculture. We would recommend him to fellow farmers.”

-Leo and Karen, Clients

Rest Assured

“Each time I have a review for my estate planning, John shows his knowledge, however, is so personable. Comforting knowing, I am ready for the future! Each staff member is friendly and professional.”

-Cindy, Client

Peace of Mind

“Always organized, always thorough, always willing to explain things in lay terms, interested in seeing that clients get the most appropriate service determined after patiently listening to the client's needs and concerns. Having Attorney John Haslam helped us to make a plan meaning our heirs will not be left with problems after we have passed. Wilson Law office provides ongoing support, so plans are kept current to reflect any changes in the laws or in our intentions. Making the decision to go here gave us peace of mind and clarity.”

-Nancy, Client

Very Professional and Efficient.

“John provided excellent advice on what should be included in our estate plan and a thorough explanation of how the plan is structured. Easy to work with, excellent communication skills, and very accommodating. We now have a comforting sense of security. One of us especially liked the visuals - so much easier to follow and remember! We highly recommend the entire team.”

-Karen, Client

Easy to Understand

“We worked with John Haslam to build an irrevocable trust for my dad and a revocable living trust for my husband and I. John was very caring and spoke in language that we understood. He also spoke of his own personal experience with his family as examples. I am glad that we were referred to Wilson Law Group, LLC and would (and have) highly recommend them.”

-Joaline, Client

Outstanding Team

“An outstanding team of lawyers focused solely on estate planning. They know how to ensure your wishes are carried forward in your estate. A pleasure to work with.”

- Gary, Client

Thankful for You

"So blessed they have come in my life.  Feel very secure in the future."

- Cindy, Client

Excellent Service

"Excellent - both lawyers and staff.  Felt very comfortable.  Fully explained to us and even made time to talk to our daughters about how the trust works."

- Brian, Client

Sense of Peace

"We are so happy with your services and we feel a great sense of peace knowing you've help us prepare for the future."


Very Thorough

Trust documents are very thorough - it's a huge relief to have everything in writing and in such detail.  Also, we've gotten excellent advice.

-Patricia, Client

We Trust You

We trust you - and that's a good feeling!  I wish people could understand how important it is and how good it feels to make estate plans!

-Jane, Client

Beyond Expectations

Beyond expectations. We feel the final product provides a simple roadmap for our children and grandchildren. We could drop-off tomorrow knowing that the estate is in order. Thank you.

- Bill & Karen, Clients

Knowledgeable, Professional, and Trustworthy

My husband and I have trusted Wilson Law Group for many years to help us with our estate planning. They're knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, and their "RWay" program is a wonderful way to keep their clients educated and informed about changes that may affect their financial well-being. We've even brought both of our mothers and our two daughters to Wilson Law Group to have their legal documents prepared.

- Nancy, Client


My husband and I knew we had to protect the family dairy business we've worked so hard to build over the last 30 years. Dan Purtell and the entire staff at Wilson Law Group worked closely with us to create the type of trust that meets the exact needs of our family. The very first time we met Dan we were impressed by his knowledge and experience, and he has continued to impress us through the entire process. He not only cares about you as a client, he cares about everyone involved. Our children found the RWay Trust Care Program helped them better understand trusts and how they work. A price tag cannot be put on the peace-of-mind the Wilson Law Group has given our family.

- Heidi, Client

We are Satisfied in Every Way

We were pleased with Dan Purtell's patience and thoroughness as he walked us through the estate planning process. Our many questions were answered in an easily understandable fashion. We are satisfied in every way with the final product prepared by the staff at Wilson Law Group.

- Beth, Client

Extremely Helpful

Extremely helpful, Wayne listened to our wishes, asked questions that we hadn't thought of to make sure our trust is doing what we intend it to do. His team is very thorough, we appreciate the time they spent to explain the documents to us. We highly recommend the Wilson Law Group, LLC to our family and friends.

- Greg, Client

Patient and Professional

We appreciated John's expertise while working on our farm estate plan. He is patient and professional. It is very clear that he keeps up with the changes in estate planning related to agriculture. We would recommend him to fellow farmers.

- Leo & Karen, Clients

Service Has Been Excellent

Your service has been excellent. You have made a complex subject easier to understand. You have giving me confidence that my family will be well taken care of.

- Eric, Client

I Love That I Can Ask the Same Question Every Year

Repetitive topics are needed due to the complexity and offered! Thank you. I love that I can ask the same question every year at my RWay meeting and you explain it once again!

- Nancy, Client

Very Helpful

We are new to the program and are still learning about it. We know this has been very helpful and put worries about our future and asset disbursement at ease.

- Janette, Client

Exceptional Job

I believe Wilson Law Group does an exceptional job. What I need to do is take full advantage of all they have to offer me. Their workshops were a good start for me.

- Ann, Client

Well-Organized Manner

Overall, I appreciate the efforts and well-organized manner of Wilson Law Group in maintaining contact and training for us clients.

- Jeff, Client

Wayne is an Excellent Trust Attorney

Wayne is an excellent trust attorney.  The services he provided this year were above expectations.

- Jim, Client

Love the Care

Love the care you give to my mom.

- Lynn, Daughter of Client

Enriching Experience

We have found this to be an enriching experience

- June, Client

Great Job

Great job at keeping up with current changes in the law

- John, Client

Wilson Law Group is Doing a Great Job

Wilson Law Group is doing a great job at keeping my legacy on track.

- Glenn, Client

Exceeds Expectations

Exceeds expectations - always available to help.  Current, helpful, competent staff, answers questions and instills confidence in the planning process.

- Joanne, Client

Feel Confident How We Are Advised

We depend on our bi-yearly update and feel confident how we are advised. Keep up the good work.

- Patricia & Keith, Clients

Your Office Has Been Very Thorough

We feel we have made an excellent decision for our family members in setting up our trust. Your office has been very thorough in explaining the trust processes and benefits of having a trust.  Your support and directions are important to us.

- Janet & Dennis, Clients

We Like the RWay Maintenance Program

We are so pleased with the estate planning and trust documents you have created for us, especially the way you developed a color coded chart to illustrate how the process will work over time.  Your expert guidance and paying attention to all the "what ifs" we never would have thought of, gives us peace of mind.  And, we like the RWay maintenance program so we know our documents are updated as laws or situations change.  Plus, you speak to us in plain English, not legal jargon.

- Joan & Bill, Clients

We Definitely Consider Wayne as Our Attorney

You are excellent educators teaching information we need to understand.  You are absolute tops and we would recommend you to anyone!  Thank you for your patience and terrific support.  We definitely consider Wayne as our attorney and will contact him anytime we need a lawyer.

- Natalie & Ken, Clients

Pleasure to Work With All of You

It's been a pleasure to work with all of you.  Thank you for helping us to plan this next chapter of our journey and feel at peace with what will be.

- Susan & Mike, Clients

We Appreciate Your Workshops

We appreciate your workshops and your efforts in keeping us informed on law changes and other issues which have an impact on us.  Thank you.

- Roland & Joyce, Clients

RWay...Exceeded Our Guesses

This was our first year with you and RWay.  We did not know what to expect, but it certainly exceeded our guesses.  Thank you – we’ll see you again.

- Rodney & Mary, Clients

Very Good Seminars

You and your partners continue to present very good seminars.  I like the idea that you follow your handouts completely and in detail, and that you don’t add too much extra material.

- Ken, Client

Closeness We Feel to the Staff

We hope you never change the closeness we feel to the staff when we call.  We know you have grown and added more clients and staff, but we feel that when you talk to us, we’re the only client you have.

- Milt & Judy, Clients


Treated in a Caring and Personal Manner

We appreciate that we are treated in a caring and personal manner, that our concerns/questions are listened to and addressed – and feel good knowing that you are constantly staying on top of developments.  Thanks so much for the wonderful service you provide!

- Richard & Elizabeth, Clients

One Less Thing I Need To Worry About

Having a trusted person to keep up on all legal matters that might impact my estate and making modifications as appropriate. One less thing I need to worry about and keep track of.

- Brent, Client

Value Your Information

Value your information and personalization of estate planning

- Sharon, Client

Always Very Helpful

Always very helpful if we ever have any concerns or questions.

- Kash & Tanya, Clients

Committed Staff

Highly competent and committed staff.

- Joanne, Client

John Haslam Presented Material in an Understandable, Clear Way

Excellent review of how a Trust works.  John Haslam presented material in an understandable, clear way.

- Scheree, Client

Wilson Law Group Keeps Us Up To Date

Grateful that Wilson Law Group keeps us up to date on changes and looks out for our plan.

- Mark, Client

Explains Things Very Well

Great flow charts, great humor, explains things very well.

- Fred, Client

Connection Between Lawyers and Clients

Connection between lawyers and clients, they make you feel like they care.

- David, Client

Available When Needed

Being available when needed and meeting us yearly with udpate to explain new options or problems that might arise.

- Joanne, Client

Well Taken Care Of

I believe I am being well taken care of regarding my financial situation.

- Char, Client

Always Available

Always available when needed with professional answers.

- Dan, Client

Putting Clients First

Putting clients first, anticipating client information needs and providing seminars to meet these needs.

- Scott, Client

Realistic Approach

Realistic approach to each situation, set-up as simple and non-complex as possible, understandable.

- Glenn, Client


Very responsive staff

- Robert, Client

Friendliness and Caring

Friendliness and caring for our needs.

- Richard, Client

Listening to Concerns

Listening to your clients concerns.

- Robert, Client

Attention to Individual Problems and Concerns

Making clients feel they are getting all research and attention to individual problems and concerns.

-Betty, Client

Comprehensive Estate Planning

I think you have nailed comprehensive estate planning.

-John, Client

I Like Coming to See You Once a Year

I like coming to see you once a year to re-visit out Trust and review any changes in the laws that affect us.

-Anthony, Client

Care and Concern for Our Well-Being

You are very welcoming and make us feel at ease.  The care and concern for our well-being is appreciated.

- Richard, Client