Recorded Workshops for Professional Advisors

The Name on the Check Rule with Dale Krause

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Join the President and CEO of Krause Financial Services, Dale Krause, J.D., LL.M., as he explores a unique Medicaid Compliant Annuity planning strategy: the “Name on the Check Rule.”

This is a strategy you can use to your client’s advantage in protecting their retirement accounts during the Medicaid spend-down process. Dale will discuss how the rule works, when it’s appropriate to use, and how to answer common questions from the state Medicaid agency. He’ll also show the plan in action with a step-by-step case study.

The SECURE Act & Planning Options

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With the passage of the SECURE Act, effective January 1, 2020, the landscape of planning with qualified accounts has changed dramatically.  In the past 15+ years, attorneys and advisors were careful to promote the use of the stretch or inherited IRA to the next generation. The massive value of a lifetime stretch-out with tax free growth was easy to understand for clients as they looked at the legacy of their estates. The use of special trusts to supplement the Inherited IRA added asset protection to this planning and gave rise to inclusion of even younger generations to maximize the stretch-out. As the maximum time period to defer taxation on an inherited IRA is now 10 years, this program will review options to add value to the legacy of clients. The use of Roth IRAs, avoiding the Spousal Roll-over Trap, adding life insurance to a plan, and extending the number of beneficiaries of a qualified account will be reviewed. Presented by Attorney Daniel Purtell.

Topics include:

  • The Use of Roth IRAs
  • Avoiding the Spousal Roll-over Trap 
  • Adding Life Insurance to a Plan
  • Extending the Number of Beneficiaries of a Qualified Account

Estate Taxation & Basis Step-Up

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Estate planning used to be all about estate taxation, and for good reason. Back in 2000, the estate tax exemption per person was only $675,000 with an effective tax on every dollar above that amount at a 55% rate. Strategies like gifting, family limited partnerships, irrevocable life insurance trusts, complex gifting programs, and the use of bypass trusts were the name of the game. Now, in 2020, the exemption is $11.58 million, with an effective rate of only 40% over that amount. This has meant that for the past several years that the most important part of any estate plan for most of our clients is not estate taxation. But, there are still old plans that need to be updated that could actually cause another kind of tax….capital gains.

This program will review the current situation of estate taxation and how future planning must include a serious discussion about overall taxes, including capital gains and income tax. Presented by Attorney Daniel Purtell.

Proactive Planning for Long-Term Care

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As more and more of your clients face the specter of long-term care costs, there is a distinct need for a complete analysis of the options they might have to protect assets, provide direction to successors during incapacity, and ensure that they will receive the best care possible.

This free webinar will review the current and future costs of long-term care, provide a summary of the ways that Medicaid qualification works in the State of Wisconsin, and analyze a series of case studies to allow you, the advisor, to learn how to set each client up for the best possible outcome. Presented by Attorney John Haslam.

Crisis Planning for Long-Term Care

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It is not uncommon to have a client who may be heading toward the nursing home sooner rather than later. When proactive planning such as long-term care insurance and divestment are no longer available, other options still remain.

This program will review the use of exempt assets, spousal impoverishment rules, promissory notes, and Medicaid-compliant annuities. Presented by Attorney John Haslam.

The Wilson Law Group Experience

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In this webinar tailor-made for financial advisors, you will learn how partnering with Wilson Law Group can benefit you AND your clients. While this is not a CE-approved course, it will highlight the relationship-based process that Wilson Law Group utilizes from the Initial Consultation through ongoing membership in our RWay TrustCare Program. Presented by Attorney Daniel Purtell.